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Forian's Mission

Our goal is to leverage data to improve health outcomes and business value. By coupling innovative software and data technologies, we enable clients with product, customer, and market insights that optimize their operational, clinical and financial performance.

pliroforía – [pli̱roforía]

Greek –noun

What Does "Forian" Mean?

The name Forian is based on the Greek word, pliroforía, meaning information or intelligence.

Forian connotes clarity, strength, a forward-thinking vision, and uniqueness in the information and analytics space.

A Differentiated Standard of Excellence in Life Sciences Data Products and Services

Among the industry’s largest integrated SOC-2 / HIPAA-compliant healthcare data and analytics platforms, Forian incorporates billions of US patient-level longitudinal health records with behavioral segmentation and Forian’s proprietary taxonomies. These data subjects, processed through complex technologies and analytics, generate comprehensive, timely data products and insights with differentiated delivery operating quality and security standards.

The Forian Process


Modeling and Onboarding of Standardized, Disparate Datasets

Forian has extensive expertise in designing and building powerful health information platforms to continuously onboard, normalize, and integrate large sets of structured and unstructured data from disparate and emerging healthcare contexts.  Vigorous quality control procedures ensure data representation accuracy and trend expectancy.



Complete Data De-Identification and Integration

In full compliance with HIPAA regulations, all applicable healthcare data is fully de-identified via processes controlled by separated duties without compromising the ability to link to accompanied datasets such as patient-reported outcomes, demographic and psychographic information.


Data Segmentation, Indexing, and Delivery

Forian’s Data Factory maintains a robust integrated platform for reporting and analysis, insights, cohort generation, and automated engines with excellence in meeting standardized and custom delivery requirements.

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About Forian


Forian provides innovative software solutions, proprietary data, and predictive analytics to optimize the operational, clinical, and financial performance of our healthcare customers.



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