Sophisticated Technology Solutions for More Actionable Insights

Innovative Software, Predictive Analytics, Real World Evidence, and Proprietary Data

Sophisticated Technology Solutions for More Actionable Insights

Innovative Software, Predictive Analytics, Real World Evidence, and Proprietary Data

Forian’s deep technical and domain expertise in the highly regulated healthcare and cannabis markets enables us to innovate new technologies driven by data science and built upon proprietary data. Our solutions range from seed-to-sale and traceability cannabis software to industry-agnostic business intelligence platforms — all supporting measurable evidence-based improvements in performance, while delivering outcomes insights for our customers. Underneath it all, our state-of-the-art Data Factory transforms raw, unstructured, disparate data into a cleansed, connected, and normalized data lake, supporting efficient and scalable analytics — which, in turn, continuously improve the sophistication and performance of our products.

Technology Software Solutions

BioTrack delivers an industry-leading and proven all-in-one cannabis solution. We help cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers of all sizes — as well as industry regulators — track and forecast crop yields, inventory fluctuations, product utilization and pricing, and revenue and profit by product, category, and brand. Delivering unparalleled security, stability, and performance to over 2,200 customers, BioTrack helps improve operational efficiencies through every step of the process. BioTrack gathers point-of-sale data across 38 states, while our proprietary government traceability system is currently deployed in nine states, ensuring transparency and accountability across the supply chain.

A sophisticated software as a service business intelligence tool, Cannalytics provides interactive and actionable views of business performance — delivering unique customer, product, and market insights that leverage our powerful data science capabilities connected to our robust proprietary data sets. Cannalytics’ intuitive dashboards are tailored to meet the distinct needs of its target audience — whether a retailer, state government, manufacturer, or cultivator — with easily navigable and actionable views on sales, inventory, products, employee performance, customer insights and trends (e.g., demographics, psychographics, behaviors, product loyalty, health conditions, and social determinants).

Analytics Solutions

Commercial Analytics — Our comprehensive, timely, and proprietary data, coupled with our advanced analytics, informs commercial initiatives by illuminating key drivers of growth and commercial opportunity.

Our leading technologies and software as a service-based solutions provide deep profiling solutions related to customers, products, and the dynamics of rapidly changing markets.

Real World Evidence (RWE)

RWE — Forian can generate evidence outside of a controlled clinical trial setting, uncovering powerful insights about a product’s economic and clinical value, usage, potential benefits, and risks. By leveraging our proprietary data, Forian RWE studies extend to better understanding the safety and efficacy, as well as the clinical, economic, and social impacts of traditional and emerging therapeutic alternatives. In addition, Forian can measure provider quality and efficiency and the adequacy and performance of provider networks.

Patient Registries — Forian understands the power of Real World Data (RWD). We build patient registries that capture richly detailed case information, coupling medical, pharmacy, consumer, and cannabis utilization data, as well as Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs), to drive observational studies and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) — all while maintaining strict patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Data Solutions

Data Management and Data Science — Forian has built technologies that address and solve challenges created by the lack of uniform data standards and interoperability, delivering a coherent and uniform view for cannabis businesses and state regulators. Our leading-edge data management methodologies — including our novel and proprietary product master/ontology — normalize, standardize, deduplicate, integrate, and otherwise organize complex cannabis information to create state data standards for analytics and reporting, from seed-to-sale and beyond.

About Forian

Forian provides innovative software solutions, proprietary data, and predictive analytics to optimize the operational, clinical, and financial performance of our healthcare, cannabis, and government customers.


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